Horses are a great part of the ranch. For five generations, the ranch has been in the hands of horse enthusiasts that have endeavored to raise good horses. We take our hats off to the horses for all they have done. Not that long ago they were used for all the haying, feeding, fencing, and of course - cowboying. Before that they were also used for the clearing of the ranch’s fields, getting the kids to school, transportation and pleasure. They are still used for all our cowboying and for sport and pleasure.

The ranch has also always raised horses to sell. Years ago, there were 200 head in the broodmare band, now there are 25. Millers and their hired help break and train the colts on the ranch and season them with ranch work. The Miller Family all love horses and have spent a lot of time in the saddle and cowboying - they do all of their cow work horseback.
Mike has been very successful training his own colts and showing in reined cow horse where you cut, rein and do fence work, he is one of the top all time non-pro money earners in the NRCHA. Due to work on the ranch, he only makes a few shows a year. Mike and the boys rope whenever they get a chance and all like training rope horses. Will and Wes are both top notch ropers. Wes especially is a very serious roper and the grandsons are really coming along. Kaleb and Blue are also very good young ranch hands. Tara likes to help them cowboy and train an occasional barrel horse. A lot of everyone's horse training gets done while ranching. Seldom does a day go by, if any, without working on and with horses on the Miller Land & Livestock.

We do not stall anything.  The horses are raised in big country which makes them healthy and lets them be horses.

Mike believes that a good horse is good at anything. Millers pay attention to every characteristic that makes a good horse. Horses remain very important to Miller Land and Livestock.

Thank you for visiting the Horses section of our web site. We invite you to learn more about Good Time's Too, Playboys Buck Fever, and our other stallions, as well as see our horses for sale, and of course look at the many show, ranch and rodeo photos we have in the Gallery.

We are AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeders and our colts are eligible for Ranching Heritage Shows and for the NRCHA Stallion Stakes.