Special Dual Pep is a very classy and racy looking stallion. He is of a cross between elite cow-bred blood and racing blood. He is very cowy himself, uses his hind end naturally, is very smooth to ride and is fast! His disposition is fantastically gentle and he does not have a temper at all. His first colts were born in 2012.

Sun Breaks Ote is a strong, big boned, nice dispositioned and handsome stud with the fine liver chestnut color.  He is an own son of the past great sire, Sun Frost,  who created his own legend at the Cowan Ranch in South Dakota by throwing great barrel horses, rope horses, cow horses and the such. We have a few of Sun Break Ote's colts for sale. They are very good looking with tremendous dispositions. The oldest are two year olds in 2011.

Docs Last Remedy is the last colt born by the great sire 'Docs Remedy'.  He is a unique taffy palomino, built to a T, and throws a lot of class, color and style.

Docs Last Remedy was caught up in a divorce settlement and not broke until we got him as a 4 yr. old.  We certainly did not need another stallion but could not resist this good looking and well bred one.  Mike broke him and used him on the ranch and he turned out to be very quick, smart, cowy and athletic. 

We certainly like his colts, the oldest of which are 3 yrs. old in 2006.  Every colt he has thrown is good looking.  They are easy to start and show their dad's fine characteristics.

Docs Last Remedy Colts
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