The first men to settle and take out homesteads in Sublette Co. Wyoming did so in 1878 on land that would later become 'Miller Land & Livestock'.  These early cowboys, Swan and Leifer, chose this spot on the 'Circle Ranch' in the Green River Valley to start a cattle ranch which is still thriving today.   In 1895, James Mickelson purchased Leifer's ranch and soon Swan's.  James was a Dane who came to America in 1882 with a nickel in his pocket and worked his way to the foreman of the La Barge Unit of what at the time was  largest cattle outfit in Wyoming, the Spur Cattle Co.

Mickelson greatly increased his holdings and left a portion to his daughter Mildred.  Mildred married Bob Miller and together they built their ranch,' Miller Land & Livestock', into a large outfit.   

The ranch was split by family members in 1987, leaving the ranch less than a quarter of its size.  Mike Miller and his family now own the home place, the legendary '67' brand, and Miller Land & Livestock.  They have also built onto the ranch and purchased a couple neighboring ranches that fit in well.

The ‘Circle’, which is the headquarters of Miller Land & Livestock, still has the original homestead cabin on it and other homes the family built through the years. The Miller grandsons are the sixth generation on the ranch. 

Throughout the years, Miller Land & Livestock has been host to cowboys, cattle, and cowhorses.  It presently runs 2000 mother cows and 1800 yearlings.  There are around 90 head of horses on the ranch at all times – 25 are broodmares, 2 are stallions.  On a good year, the ranch puts up 4700 tons of wild hay.  Part of the ranch is deeded as '67 Family Limited Partnership'.  All and all, it encompasses 25,000 acres of deeded land and has large BLM permits on the desert and a Forest Permit, also running some yearlings on the Green River Drift.

The family appreciates the ranch's history and tries to maintain it's old time feeling and cowboy ways.  The abundant wildlife on Miller Land & Livestock is greatly valued, and its welfare and preservation are always considered in the management of the ranch.

Miller cattle are summered in the Wyoming Range Mountains where the grass has a great deal of stamina. In the late fall, the cows are driven back to the home place where the hay was grown to winter them.  The yearlings are driven to the hardy desert in the spring and then moved to summer pasture from where they are shipped in the fall. The ranch started out with range cattle then gradually changed to an English Hereford herd for many years then gradually to Black Angus Ballies. Now we are breeding Irish Black bulls and raising some of our own bulls out of our old tried and tested cows. We had to switch from Angus because of a terrible brucellosis problem - we are striving for hearty, meat producing, good keeping, high-altitude range bulls with strong respiratory systems.

In 2014, Miller Land & Livestock purchased a ranch along the Colorado River near the historic Santa Anna right in the middle of Texas - old Comanche lands. We run a small permanent herd of cows there. The ranch is very flexible with the WY ranch. Some years we can ship calves down to winter on winter wheat and be ready to sell in the spring. We also ship our opens down and breed them that winter to sell in sync with TX herds as bred in the Spring. We also can ship our lates down to calve. It's operation is centered around the WY ranch.

The cows and horses have built the ranch and sustained it for 130 years.   Diligent work by several generations of owners along with the honest hard work of good hired help has kept the quality of the land and animals at its best. It is all about land, cattle, horses, and cowboys!

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